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Let a Respected Psychic Help With Your Future Endeavors

Psychic Readings  is waiting to hear from you. We have the answers you need to make the right decisions. We're also ready to remove bad energy from all around you and cleanse your home.

Palm Reading

Show us your palm, and we'll show you a better path. We read from the lines of your palms, accurate views of your past, present, and future. Our palm reading provides insight into your life by finding out about your past. Let an experienced palm reader render very accurate readings. You'll benefit from being given a clear look into your past, present, and future.

Candle and Tarot Cards

Tarot Card Reading

Let the cards tell you what you need to know. Tarot Card reading is our most popular reading, and we can accept up to four questions.

We use a full Tarot deck, spread for each person. You get accurate insight into your:

• Past • Present • Future • Love Life • Relationships • Career and More

Allow the cards to guide your decision making and give you a new outlook on life. Depending on you, the spread may change and is based on the intuition we bring to your reading.

Love Spells

Get the love spell advantage from a customized spell created just for you. Love spells are extremely popular and for good reason. No evil is involved and they are very effective. We specialize in love and relationships.

We work for you to get to the root of the love problem and help you determine your goals. You may need this service if you are looking to be reunited with a lost love.

Spiritual Cleansing/Limpia

Are you troubled by bad energy? Why not go in for a spiritual cleansing and limpia, which helps in all areas in your life. A spiritual cleansing removes bad luck and brujeria blockages. We offer a seven day cleansing.

At Psychic Readings, we specialize in helping Hispanic people with curandera work and limpia, as well as home cleansings. We remove brujeria from your home.

House Blessing/Cleansing

Let us come to you and bless and cleanse your home. We remove bad luck, spirits, and more.