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When your future happiness is at stake, don't take chances hoping your life will turn out great. Contact Psychic Readings for skilled advice. We have the proven experience to move you forward in a new relationship or repair an existing one. Let us remove an aura of bad energy from your presence and cleanse your home. We'll help you choose the correct path.

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We invite you to come into our Psychic Healing Shop in San Antonio, TX, for Palm Reading, Tarot Cards, and Chakra Balancing Services

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Psychic Readings  has some advice for you. We want to help you take the right path in life. Through Tarot Card or palm readings, spiritual cleansings, and house blessings, we do what it takes to provide you with answers and direction.

Our founding psychic was born gifted. She helps people through cleansing and insight and has been doing so for more than 30 years. She's well known and is a leading psychic in the San Antonio area. We now specialize in helping people with curandera work and limpia, as well as home cleansing. We remove brujeria from your home.

At Psychic Readings, we also specialize in offering love advice, and who among us would not benefit from that service? We offer a selection of love spells compatible with your specific request. We also concentrate on healing and our founder is considered by some to be a mother superior healer, specializing in the Mexican cleansing arts. She was voted San Antonio's top psychic and offers her services nationwide by phone. We also do parties, special events, and groups.
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